By Bezemer J.L.

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1 About this package 4tH will compile ordinary text-files (MS-DOS and Unix) as well as block-files produced by the 4tH editor. The user-interface of this line-editor is highly compatible with conventional Forth block-editors. 4tHs special architecture almost forces you to write "clean" code, so you will learn Forth the proper way. This does not mean that you can’t write portable code with 4tH. In fact, because Forth is so flexible you can usually write a small interface to your well-written 4tH-code in a matter of minutes.

Configure. g. compiling for the Zaurus means you have to add the ’-DZAURUS’ option. You’ll also find some icons for KDE or GNOME and a ’man’ page. However, you have to install them manually. If you want to embed 4tH in KDE or GNOME you have to do that manually as well. Please consult your KDE or GNOME documentation. CHAPTER 3. g. 2 Using binfmt_misc There is a module in Linux that will allow you to execute 4tH programs from the prompt without explicitly calling the 4tH interpreter. It is called ’binfmt_misc’.

Let’s go back to the main 4tH screen by issuing the ”wq” command. We recompile the source by pressing ”c” and presto: we got a program! Simply hit ”r” to run it. txt” in our working directory and examine it with a hex editor: 4261 2920 3a20 2d20 0a3a 2029 6445 2d34 4261 2920 2042 2031 7865 2045 6441 2d34 6164 2040 6375 5845 6464 2040 416c 2044 7465 4355 7265 2044 6967 524f 2028 5445 7373 524f 6e20 5020 202d 203b 2028 5020 2820 3b0d 2d20 0d0a 202d 3b0d 2d2d 0a It seems our program is working perfectly.

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