By Melinda K. Hartwig

ISBN-10: 144433350X

ISBN-13: 9781444333503

A significant other to historic Egyptian artwork offers a accomplished number of unique essays exploring key suggestions, severe discourses, and theories that form the self-discipline of historic Egyptian art.

* good points contributions from most sensible students of their respective fields of workmanship in terms of historical Egyptian artwork * offers overviews of earlier and current scholarship and indicates new avenues to stimulate debate and make allowance for severe readings of person paintings works * Explores subject matters and issues resembling methodological techniques, transmission of Egyptian artwork and its connections with different cultures, historic reception, expertise and interpretation, * offers a complete synthesis on a self-discipline that has assorted to the level that it now accommodates topics starting from gender idea to 'X-ray fluorescence' and 'image-based interpretations structures'

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Order is evident, for example, in the arrangement of a group of pieces around the small golden shrine, in a corner next to the entrance to the annex (Eaton-Krauss and Graefe 1985, pl. ii), and in the approach to the treasury, which was reached through the sarcophagus chamber and must have been filled before the actual burial. In the treasury itself, a statue of Anubis on a chest acted as a visual guardian, behind which—and thus deposited earlier—was the canopic shrine, toward which led a set of chests ranked by increasing size.

2) Teriteqas (Beg. N. 14) Queen Amanirenas (Beg. N. 21) Queen Amanishakheto Beg. N. 6 King Natakamani and Beg. N. 22 Queen Amanitore Beg. N 1 (Sotakarora) ? (Amanitaraqide) (Beg. 16) Amanakhereqerem ? second quarter of third century BCE last third of third century BCE end of third century BCE first third of second century BCE second half of second century BCE early first century BCE last third of first century BCE late first century BCE second half of first century AD end of first century AD end of first century AD Chronology of Kushite Rulers Name of Ruler Burial Date Amanitenamomide Queen Amanikhatashan Tarekeniwala Ariteneyesebokhe Takideamani (Arayesebokhe) Teqorideamani (Tamelordeamani) Yesebokheamani Queen, name unknown Queen, name unknown Beg.

722–655) Piye/Piankhi ca. 753–723 Shabaka ca. 722–707 Shebitku ca. 706–690 Taharqa 690–664 Tanwetamani 664–655/53 Dynasty 26 (664–525) Psamtik (Psammetichus) I 664–610 Necho II 610–595 Psamtik (Psammetichus) II 595–589 Apries 589–570 Amasis 570–526 Psamtik (Psammetichus) III 526–525 Dynasty 27 (First Persian Period, 525–404) Cambyses 525–522 Darius I 521–486 Xerxes 486–466 Artaxerxes I 465–424 Darius II 424–404 xxxvii xxxviii Chronology of Egyptian Kings Dynasty 28 (404–399) Amyrtaios 404–399 Dynasty 29 (399–380) Nepherites I 399–393 Psammuthis 393 Hakoris (Achoris) 393–380 Nepherites II ca.

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