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Impersonal man (me). 10) to express the passive. This can be translated as someone killed 44 PRIMARY CLAUSE-LEVEL TAGMEMES him then or he was killed then. The following examples are apparently related to this construction: (1) Man /erode hine to Lincolne mid micel wuröscipe. 11) (2) ... £>et man scolde selten clerc ofer muneces .... '... 9-10) (3) Me dide cnotted strenges abuton here haeued .... 5. Mood In addition to the indicative mood (the usual mood of this corpus), there were also uses of the subjunctive.

Here are three examples: (1) y t>ser man him held Jset he ne mihte na east na west. 8-9) (2) ... J>et he ne my the nowiderwardes .... ' . . 21) (3) hi scolden nedes. 3. The verb-adverb-pattern. - Another special pattern was the finite verb and adverb sequence. There were several uses of gifan and up that seem to indicate that up was tied in with gifan. In the first two examples, the elements were contiguous. The other had a nominal separating gifan and up. Examples are as follows: (1) ... '...

10-11) (4) y hi of Normandi wenden alle fra Jje king. 25) (5) Alle he waeron forsworen y here treothes forloren. 1) 1 Nominal adjectives are included in this group. This group includes such words as ealle, sume, nati, fela, xlc, an, oder, bade, etc. because they fill both nominal and adjectival slots. 2. The Noun or Modified-Noun Phrase Of the 702 subject slots, 305 (43 per cent) were filled by nouns or modified-noun phrases. Two hundred thirty-eight (34 per cent) of these occurred in independent clauses and sixty-seven (66 per cent) in dependent clauses.

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A Descriptive Syntax of the Peterborough Chronicle from 1122-1154 by David L. Shores

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