By J. L. C. Martin–Doyle (Auth.)

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4 (1959), 1, 1028, s u m s u p t h e s i t u a t i o n in t h e s e w o r d s : Infections carried t o t h e eye from d r o p s u s e d in o p h t h a l m i c o u t - p a t i e n t d e p a r t m e n t s is a chronic p r o b l e m w i t h a c u t e recrudescences '. All d r o p s used should be sterile, especially w h e n t h e r e is a b r e a k in e p i t h e l i u m d u e t o t r a u m a , ulceration, e t c . U n f o r t u n a t e l y t h i s ideal is n o t easy t o a t t a i n . I t is simple e n o u g h t o get a perfectly sterile b o t t l e of d r o p s b u t w i t h t h e r e m o v a l of t h e s t o p p e r a n d t h e use of a d r o p p e r only t h e first dose is really sterile.

After t h e p e a k of t h e disease is reached t h e cornea begins t o clear from t h e p e r i p h e r y i n w a r d s , a n d as t h e haziness clears u p t h e vessels b e c o m e obliterated, b u t t h e y can a l w a y s b e seen b y t h e slit l a m p as grey lines t e n d i n g t o r u n radially. If t h i s p i c t u r e is found it is a positive proof of t h e presence of congenital syphilis. T h e disease is n e a r l y a l w a y s bilateral, b u t t h e r e is often a lapse of a few weeks before t h e second eye is affected.

I t is freely m o v a b l e w i t h t h e conjunctiva. R e m o v a l is advised, for t h e r e is a l w a y s t h e risk of a p i g m e n t e d t u m o u r developing m a l i g n a n t changes. 3 . G r a n u l o m a t a . — T h e s e usually occur a s polypoid o u t g r o w t h s from t h e site of a conjunctival w o u n d , a chalazion, e t c . Snip off w i t h scissors a n d t o u c h t h e base w i t h a c a u t e r y . 4. P a p i l l o m a t a . — T h e s e m a y resemble cock's-comb t u b e r c l e .

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