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Choose two) A. 80 (insecure) B. 81 (insecure) C. 443 (secure) D. 2200 (insecure) E. com - The Power of Knowing 050-688 F. 8008 (insecure) G. 8009 (secure) Answer: F, G QUESTION 200: Where is the information entered in the Company info tab displayed in the Virtual Office home page? A. In the Notes field B. In the company field C. Under the about us link D. In the company info field E. In the company contacts field F. In the company press room field G. Under the organizational information heading Answer: D QUESTION 201: You've configured a Branch Office System to use Automatic User Provisioning.

LDAP Password C. Simple Password D. Universal password E. 5 service allows users to find and restore deleted files without help desk support? A. iSCSI B. DirXML C. iFolder D. Virtual Office E. Archive and Versioning F. Nterprise branch office G. Novell file access protocols Answer: E QUESTION 206: You have an NSS pool named VOL1_POOL. You have taken 4 snapshots of it. What is the default name assigned by NSS to the 4th snapshot of the pool? A. VOL1_POOL4 B. com - The Power of Knowing 050-688 C.

2 server and then simply mount the existing USERS volume as an Appliance volume. Will this work? A. 2 volumes are compatible with the Appliance software. B. 2 volumes are incompatible with the Appliance software. C. No, the Appliance installation program removes all partitions and re-images the entire drive. D. 2 volume when it is mounted. E. NAM and add the long name space to USERS before installing the Appliance. Answer: C QUESTION 108: Click the Matching Rule on the Publisher Channel. com - The Power of Knowing 050-688 QUESTION 109: Before you configure multiple Apache Web Servers to use a common configuration in eDirectory, you must make each server a member of the same _____.

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