By Franz L. Alt (Ed.)

ISBN-10: 0120121026

ISBN-13: 9780120121021

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Thus, as Ax and At tend to zero, the error tends to zero in the grid LZnorm. Of course, this is not the usual integral L2topology; however, it can be shown [27] using interpolation to define the solution over the rectangle (0 5 x 5 1,0 5 t 5 T) that the integral Lz norm of the error is also O ( ( A X ) ~ ( A t ) z ) . Note that we have preserved the local accuracy in the global error. The above argument is a special case of this method of the author [27]. It will be shown later that the optimal relation between A,?

3) Now, if r is large, the magnitude of t,he stability ratio can be made large by t'aking q = M - 1 and p = 1 ; hence, unlimited stability does not result from (10,l). 4) would lead to a stability ratio in which the positions of p and q would be JIM DOUGLAS, JR. 38 i n t erkhaiigcd. 4). As the cigcnfunrtioiis fire 11ie same for both rclnfions, flw stability ratioii for tlic doiiblc stcp is pt1+2 = 1 - 4r sin? ( ~ p A x / 2 ) 1 - 4 sill” ( n y A z / 2 (I 4r sin? ( ~ p A x / 2 ) 1 4 sin2 ( r q A z / $ + + which is bounded in magnitude by one for any size time step.

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