By H. Rider Haggard

ISBN-10: 1594569878

ISBN-13: 9781594569876

ISBN-10: 1598189441

ISBN-13: 9781598189445

In King Solomon's Mines, Haggard introduces the reader to Allan Quatermain, now some of the most well-known literary event characters. moment within the sequence, this ebook, Allan Quatermain, keeps the tale of this bold guy and chronicles in first individual (and via correspondence from a few of his fictitious partners) his adventures in Africa. considered one of many fictional characters upon which one other such individual, Indiana Jones, is predicated, Quatermain is however a humble guy. by way of his personal definition, he's an ". . . 'Adventurer' -- he that is going out to fulfill no matter what could come. good, that's what all of us do on the earth a method or one other . . ."

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In the centre of this square thus formed was, perhaps, the most remarkable object that we had yet seen in this charming place, and that was a single tree of the conifer tribe, varieties of which grow freely on the highlands of this part of Africa. This splendid tree, which Mr Mackenzie informed us was a landmark for fifty miles round, and which we had ourselves seen for the last forty miles of our journey, must have been nearly three hundred feet in height, the trunk measuring about sixteen feet in diameter at a yard from the ground.

I met the men of Monsieur le Cure. They brought me here. I am full of woe. But I return not to France. ' He paused, and we nearly choked with laughter, having to turn our faces away. 'Ah! you weep, messieurs,' he said. ' 'Perhaps,' said Sir Henry, 'the heroic blood of your grandparent will triumph after all; perhaps you will still be great. At any rate we shall see. And now I vote we go to bed. ' And so we did, and very strange the tidy rooms and clean white sheets seemed to us after our recent experiences.

The axe itself was made of the most beautiful steel, and apparently of European manufacture, though Umslopogaas did not know where it came from, having taken it from the hand of a chief he had killed in battle many years before. It was not very heavy, the head weighing two and a half pounds, as nearly as I could judge. The cutting part was slightly concave in shape -- not convex, as it generally the case with savage battleaxes -- and sharp as a razor, measuring five and three-quarter inches across the widest part.

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