By Duening T.N., Ivancevich J.M., McIngvale J.

ISBN-10: 0793153751

ISBN-13: 9780793153756

Jim 'Mattress Mac' McIngvale is the powerhouse at the back of the Houston-based Gallery furnishings, the country's most sensible profit generating single-site retail operation, with revenues of $150 million in step with 12 months. Mac is a marketer remarkable and a built philanthropist. His tale encompasses a uncomplicated philosophy of luck that may be understood and utilized by humans in all walks of existence.

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It’s part of the entertaining, the selling, the making customers feel good. My 30-second commercials on television and radio appear every 7 minutes every hour of every day. That is about 200 commercials a day. Each TV spot is based on a rapid-fire delivery of words, images of furniture, and me moving around or jumping up and down. My main purpose is to show the Gallery Furniture name brand again and again. I do the commercials in a light, noncerebral manner so that people laugh or smile. I’m not a professional advertiser, but customers and potential customers know who I am, what Gallery Furniture sells, and where we are located.

Gallery’s customer base since its beginning has been predominantly middle class and every race and nationality. We serve the United Nations of furniture industry customers. We found that no matter how old, what race, what ethnicity, or what gender, if you treat customers like friends, they will return again and again. We also learned that Gallery’s middle-class pool of customers prefers the lighter, less-polished advertisement. Some believe that slick, high-powered ads lure customers to a business.

He’d been in the business for 20 years and had seen salespeople come and go. He could usually tell in an instant if a person was going to make it in the furniture sales business. If they had energy and could put in the time and relate well to people, they could make a good living. Most of those who didn’t make it washed out because of the amount of time required to make a decent living. To Ernie, I appeared as though I had the energy to be successful; he offered me a job on the spot. I started working at the furniture store the next day.

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