By Melody S. Clark (auth.), Nobuyoshi Shimizu Ph.D., Takashi Aoki Ph.D., Ikuo Hirono Ph.D., Fumio Takashima Ph.D. (eds.)

ISBN-10: 4431659382

ISBN-13: 9784431659389

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ISBN-13: 9784431659402

In a systematic pursuit there's continuous nutrients for discovery and beauty. M. Shelley (1818) Genomic research of aquatic species has lengthy been overshadowed by means of the excellent job of the human genome venture. besides the fact that, aquatic genomics is now within the limelight as evidenced by means of the new accomplishment of fugu genome sequencing, which supplied an important starting place for comparative fish genomics. Undoubt­ edly, such growth will supply an exhilarating and remarkable enhance to our knowl­ fringe of the genetics of aquatic species. hence, aquatic genomics study has turn into a promising new study box with an influence at the fishery undefined. it truly is notewor­ thy that the nutrients and Agriculture association (FAO) of the United countries has projected that present worldwide fisheries construction will quickly develop into inadequate to provide the expanding global inhabitants and that aquaculture has a superb capability to satisfy that call for. This booklet, Aquatic Genomic. ~: Steps towards an outstanding destiny, was once designed as a suite of complicated wisdom in aquatic genomics and organic sciences. It covers quite a few aquatic organisms together with fish, crustaceans, and shellfish, and describes a number of complex methodologies, together with genome research, gene map­ ping, DNA markers, and EST research. additionally integrated are discussions of many sub­ jects corresponding to rules of gene expression, pressure and immune responses, intercourse range­ entiation, hormonal keep an eye on, and transgenic fishes.

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Our first genetic linkage map of the tilapia O. niloticus linked 162 microsatellite and AFLP markers (Kocher et al. 1998). Our second generation map is based on an F2 cross between O. niloticus and O. aureus, and contains over 500 microsatellite markers (Kocher et al. in prep). Linkage analysis has identified markers linked to sex, color and growth in this cross (Figure 2). 0 ,---- • • , 8.... ·· /"'\. rt.. 1 3 2 1 0 0. ' Po. Ilion Figure 2. QTL for growth on linkage group 4. Arrows indicate position of microsatellite markers.

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Aquatic Genomics: Steps Toward a Great Future by Melody S. Clark (auth.), Nobuyoshi Shimizu Ph.D., Takashi Aoki Ph.D., Ikuo Hirono Ph.D., Fumio Takashima Ph.D. (eds.)

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