By Bikshu Sangharakshita

ISBN-10: 0904766845

ISBN-13: 9780904766844

A suite of aphorisms, teachings and poems meant as idea if you are able to have their perspectives challenged and their minds increased. the themes diversity from artwork and literature, via intercourse and relationships, to philosophy and faith.

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A System of Meditation. Lecture In the individual, when you force your organism to go along in accordance with something that you’ve merely thought, because you’ve thought it, then there’s great strain on the organism. And this is the nature of mind; this is the nature of rational thinking. So inasmuch as it is through rational thinking that the individual begins to be emancipated from the group, the person who is emancipated from the group is, to begin with, an unbalanced person, a person whose thinking is in excess of his emotional development and so on.

But the mere fact that it is possible does not mean that it is desirable. When you develop, or overdevelop, the thinking faculty, you tend to think that because you can think of doing something, that is sufficient reason for doing it. In this way, imbalance develops. A very good example of this in modern times is the space programme. It’s as though, if you can think of doing something, you should do it. But the capacity for abstract thinking runs far ahead of the development, or even the needs, of the organism as a whole.

Aphorism For Buddhism, no less than for modern physics and psychology, all the apparently stable and solid material and mental objects in the universe are in reality temporary condensations of energy. Hence despite what some have assumed the use of such words as ‘states’ and ‘elements’ to mean, seeing conditioned things as impermanent does not consist in conceiving them as chopped up into bits (which would raise the artificial problem of how the bits were to be joined together again), but rather in seeing them as so many phases of one or the other of two pure, absolutely continuous, interdependent streams of energy which can be locked up in the atom, in the one case, and trapped in the individual mind, in the other.

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Peace Is a Fire: A Collection of Writings and Sayings by Bikshu Sangharakshita

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