By Norman K. Denzin (Ed.), James Salvo (Ed.)

ISBN-10: 0080459412

ISBN-13: 9780080459417

ISBN-10: 076231186X

ISBN-13: 9780762311866

Quantity 28 of ''Studies in Symbolic Interaction'' emphasizes new advancements in interactional conception and perform, in addition to examples of post-modern ethnography and function texts occupied with border crossings and border performances. the quantity additionally provides essays honoring Carolyn Ellis' contributions to 'Symbolic interplay and Communications', in addition to the yearly tackle within the ''Peter M corridor Lecture'' sequence.

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Okay, so the Latin stays. Besides, I like the reflexive paradox of the title, and Carolyn is nothing if not reflexive. Little did Lacan know that social science would go through its own “mirror stage,” using an ethnographic looking glass to encounter and transform the self-in-context. Right. Carolyn says reflexive stories should have “therapeutic value” – that they should change the reader in some significant way. Her stories, and her students’ stories, transformed me as a researcher and as a teacher.

Her words, her actions, her courage and willingness to take risks inspire and humble. I know that Carolyn still believes, even now – even after today – that her work isn’t good until people respond to it. Carolyn, I hope that the few words I’ve managed in return help you know how very full of possibility your writing is, and how very necessary. REFERENCES Carver, R. (2001). On writing. In: W. L. ), Call If You Need Me: The Uncollected Fiction and Other Prose (pp. 87–92). New York: Vintage Contemporaries.

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