By Frederick A. Dreyer

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The place Methodism comes from is a disputed query in historic scholarship. applying German scholarship, the writer indicates that what the Methodists did in England duplicates what the Moravians did in Germany. As a Methodist Wesley easily persisted what he have been doing as a Moravian evangelist. This analyzing simplifies the origins of Methodism and makes it very much more straightforward to account for Wesley as a coherent philosopher and Methodism as a doctrine with a few highbrow identification.

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25 The two-nature definition requires us to imagine a revival whose logic is unintelligible to its membersperhaps even to Wesley, its leader. Either they do not know, or do not care, what it is they are doing. The eclectic Wesley comes across as someone who, in turn, is muddleheaded, impulsive, and, perhaps, even disingenuous. In Thompson, he is the "promiscuous opportunist"; Methodism is used as a device to bamboozle the working classes. " No plan is consulted; Wesley improvises on the spot, receiving his inspiration from a variety of sources.

Whatever else it may be, Methodism can be fairly understood as a rejection of Moravianism. It is here that we find the context that makes Methodism intelligible as a historical event. What Methodism would borrow from the Church of England and what from Dissent was a question that never had to be answered before it was raised by Halévy. What would be borrowed from the Moravians, and what rejected, were questions that confronted Methodism in the very circumstances of its founding. In their origins, the United Brethren antedate the Methodists by thirteen years.

Wesley attended and presumably took part in the love feast. When it came to an end, he made a short statement of the differences that divided him and the Brethren. No reconciliation was possible, he said. "I have borne with you long, hoping you would turn. " Eighteen or nineteen left with him. 10 John Wesley was an ordained minister in the Church of England and a fellow of Lincoln College, Oxford. For two years he had served Page 17 as incumbent in a missionary parish in Savannah, Georgia. His father and two brothers were also ministers.

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